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Bad Hair Day

Every one has experienced it. When you leave your house and your hair is just not looking great. It could be how you slept on it, lack of hair products, or just a hair appointment gone wrong. It would be wonderful if we could walk around with our flat irons, just in case we run into some hair trouble.

I had a horrible experience where I was in desperate need of a flat iron. I woke up early just to get my hair pressed perfect. I left my house feeling great, but I did not check the weather that day. I was downtown  for the day without an umbrella and the rainstorm hit me. The damp atmosphere morphed my freshly pressed hair into an untamed afro. Luckily I travel with my handy brush and hair tie. I was forced to tame my hair in to a neat bun. This comes to show you cannot always be prepared for a bad hair day.

There are other factors which can cause bad hair days, and I have a few pointers to avoid one. For example the type of shampoo you use. When buying shampoo always ensure it is a product that will enhance you hair, and not damage your hair in a way where it will become  oily or dry. If your hair is always dry, do not use a volumizing shampoo. It will turn your hair into shredded wheat. Your hair will become very brittle; a moisturizing shampoo would be the way to go. If your hair is oily, do not get a moisturizing shampoo because it will make your hair look weighed down.

If your hair is very fine. It is best to wash your hair more often like every other day, to avoid oily hair and add volume. If your hair is thick and curly it is not necessary to wash the hair as often. Once a week would be sufficient. The natural oils help with controlling frizzy dry hair.

More tips on how to prevent a bad hair day


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